Saturday, February 23, 2013

no photos to share... yet!

I finished quilting my Cornucopia of Thanks quilt on Thursday and started sewing the binding by hand to the back.  It's taking a while since it's queen-sized.  I don't like to show flimsies, but rather take photos after I finish.  I also don't like to take anything to guild that isn't all done, either, so I hope to get the whole thing finished by Tuesday night for guild meeting.  And I heaved a great sigh of relief when I finished that last bit of quilting.  Five weeks is too long to devote to quilting just one project!

I started making a few more purple Dresden Plate blocks on Friday, too, taking a break from handwork.  Today it's snowing - and it has really picked up in the last few minutes - but I haven't sewed a stitch.  We're having company for dinner (if the roads are OK), so I shopped early and made a White Lasagna for dinner.  It has a cheese sauce, chicken, and kale in it.  I also made "ginger compote,"  chopped ginger in sugar syrup that one puts over vanilla ice cream.  It's yummy.  The guys who bought our bed and breakfast are coming over tonight.  We haven't seen them in a while, and it's good to catch up now and then.  We don't miss the business or the creaky old house (however elegant it may have been), but we do enjoy them as people and hearing about their various encounters.

I just finished a light, but entertaining book, too, Dayna Dunbar's The Wings that Fly Us Home.  I read the previous book, The Saints and Sinners of Okay County, which features a divorced, single mother of four who works as a psychic.  There are all sorts of funny characters in her books, which are heart-warming and definitely not "literature."  Perfect for the beach or a snowy day!

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

you hate to spend 5 weeks quilting on the same thing LOL I really had to smile at that as it usually takes me so much longer than that = the quilt on the frame has been there since November at least and it isn't even half done.
I heard you all are getting more snow - hope we do not get anymore it is too close to spring time now the daffodils are in full bloom - one variety that is.