Friday, February 8, 2013

Dealing with "Nemo"

I guess we are experiencing a storm named "Nemo," but I don't know how it got that name.  Living here in Vermont where we have quite a few storms each winter, it seems silly to name them.  At any rate, we awoke to snow which got fairly serious by 6:30 am.  Chris and I had planned to go help with prep-cooking for tomorrow night's Friends of the Library Chinese banquet.  We decided to stay in our respective homes due to the look of the streets.  And it's still snowing at 3:15 pm, although it appears to have lightened up a bit now.  There's at least 6" of new, fluffy stuff on the lawns, and traveling still looks difficult.  If it's cleaned up first thing in the morning, Chris and I will again attempt to go prep-cooking.

Boston and Providence seem to be getting the worst of the snow while in New York City, according to my brother, it's just raining.  We are hoping that the prediction for tomorrow - some sun - will come true.  If so, in Vermont's usual fashion, things will be clear in time for people to gather for the social hour at 5 pm, and dinner at 6.  During dinner, there will be plenty of bidding going on at the silent auction, and at around 8, several choice items will be auctioned off live.  This is one of two annual Friends of the Library big fund raisers, the other being the summer booksale, and we hope to make at least $5,000 to support programs for all ages.  Keep your fingers crossed that the sun comes out tomorrow!

Meanwile, I finished quilting the intersection of the two pieces of my Cornucopia of Thanks quilt that I put together early this week.  It was tiring, so I decided to spend part of yesterday and today making blocks for the "Around the World" swap.  I made eight, so feel very caught up.  Each one was different even though they are all "Dutchman's Puzzles."  I also finished a good biography of Georgette Heyer today, so I've started one of that author's best oldies, Frederica.


Pat from Florida said...

Sounds like you might miss the worst of the storm. Keeping power is the main thing, as I recall. Although a good wood stove works in a pinch. Ask me how I know!

Good for you for stick with Cornucopia all week. You stay very focussed.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

Nice that you are not getting the worst of it at this point and just staying inside to keep nice and cozy.
I noticed this year on the weather channel that they are naming winter storms - heaven knows why like you say so many winter storms. The news media seems to be going a little crazy with weather the last several years and making things very dramatic - ratings? I don't know but they make old people more nervous about the weather I have found.