Saturday, March 8, 2014

Around the World blocks

So far, I have received seven blocks from Australia, London, and the U.S. in this year's Around the World swap.  They are awfully cute!  Here are five, plus my own:

I was thinking of putting them on point with white blocks in between, or perhaps arranging them in strips on point with zigzag sashing.  But now I'm really not sure how to arrange them.  Guess I'll just have to see how all "play" together when they're here.  I want to make a few more out of fabric I have here, and people have until August to get them to their owners.  I have plenty of time to decide.

This afternoon I worked to catch up on the Loyal Union Sampler block of the week and the Threads of Memory block of the month.  This week's LUS block is appliqued, so it will take a little time to finish.  I haven't made any Nearly Insane blocks in a while, either.  After 10 days away from my sewing machine, it sure felt good to be "home."

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