Monday, March 31, 2014

The Websterville Playground quilt

Many of the blocks in this quilt were from a navy blue background block swap I joined last fall.  Everyone made sets of five blocks, and because there weren't many participating, I ended up making a few more and getting some duplicates.  I made the center medallion to show my applique class, and I tried making some tiny 3" nine patch blocks which ended up as a border.  I decided not to make any more of those tiny nine patches for a whole quilt - they require a degree of precision that I don't feel up to these days. 

This quilt will be raffled off this spring in support of renovations at a playground in town.  The town Recreation Board that I'm on has been planning the renovations for some time, and our first piece of equipment has been ordered and will be installed later this spring.  Some women in the village have been holding fund raisers to supplement the town funds, and they are planning a flea market in late April.  I hope the snow is gone by then!

I have a few blocks left from the swap which I will put together... eventually... for another Parkinsons Comfort Quilt.