Friday, March 14, 2014

Catching up (again)

Seems I've been running behind a bit all year.  Lots of travel for sad occasions.  Wed. and Thurs. we had a mega-snow storm, so I cleaned house first and then did some sewing.  I must say, our house really needed a good scrub.  Even the microwave was disgusting.  I felt better quilting when I could smell the Lysol emanating from the bathroom.

Along with finishing a sampler (just have to sew a bit on the binding), I made a couple of little Loyal Union Sampler blocks, including the appliqued "Tea Leaves" for this week:

I'll take a photo of the Navy quilt, to be raffled off in support of renovations to the Upper Websterville Playground this spring, soon.  I'm now quilting on a round robin that is gorgeous - hope to have it done next week sometime.

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

Lysol! something about it makes you know your house is clean! I got a floor steamer for cleaning the tiles and you don't use soap of any kind with it and I just never feel like it is clean so sometimes I just go back to lysol to make myself know the house is clean :)